Live Demo Hikvision Network IP Camera
Date: Monday, July 20 @ 00:00:00 EDT
Topic: 3rd Party Applications For Skype

Live demonstrations of using Hikvision Network IP Cameras in web pages on websites with PTZ ("Pan/Tilt/Zoom") and Preset controls. Which are compatible with any Internet browser capable devices using any Operating System and browser. No browser plugins or media players are required to ever be downloaded and/or installed at anytime.

Nothing about the Network IP Cameras are exposed when using any of the examples below. No IP Address, No DDNS, No Port or User Credentials.

Bandwidth throttling interval delays and viewing time limits can also optionally be imposed to use a button to prompt to continue after a set period of viewing time of your Network IP Cameras has been reached and/or to jump to another web page on your website. To better help limit bandwidth usage and/or abuse. Example:

Two Hikvision live examples with PTZ, Presets and Zoom lenses: Indoor Outdoor ("Using 4 and 3 second interval delays respectively")

You can also optionally require mandatory User credentials using the values of your choice to access the Network IP Cameras on your website by your website visitors. Same Network IP Cameras and delays as above, User: admin Password: admin Indoor Outdoor

HTTPS vs. HTTP can be used as well. Please note that the test server being used for these examples is using a self-signed certificate so you will see a warning when using these example HTTPS links. Same IP Cameras and delays as above:

Secure Indoor Secure Outdoor

User: admin Password: admin

Secure Indoor Login Required Secure Outdoor Login Required

Example: Google is now ranking websites that use HTTPS higher than websites that use HTTP:

Google Starts Giving A Ranking Boost To Secure HTTPS/SSL Sites

The total number of lines of code is less than 200 lines for both the client ("Browser side") and web server side combined, to provide all the functionality you see shown here using these examples.

Of course the delays being used in the examples can be removed and the default Network IP Camera images can be larger than the examples used here. You can use the PTZ and Preset controls with live full-motion video or use automatic refreshed images as the examples are using here in your web pages on your websites.

Any Hikvision Network IP Camera that has a RS485 interface can also use add on horizontal pan brackets for Hikvision Network IP Cameras that don't/didn't support PTZ when you purchased it. Like these examples:

Click for add On PTZ

This Interfaces details:

Click for more details


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