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To read this in another language please select any language above. To send a link to others, so that they can install both Skype and CTSS or so that they can read about CTSS, please use this link:


CTSS and any voices for any language installed to speak with CTSS, can be uninstalled at anytime, using your add/remove programs icon, from your Windows control panel.

By installing CTSS, if you do not already have Skype installed, a browser window, using your default browser, will automatically be opened so that you can install Skype and see what you have been missing "All This Time". So if you or a friend don't have Skype no worries, send them a link here so that they can see, what they are missing as well.

CTSS ("Chat Translator and Speaker for Skype") Translates Skype chat messages in 57 different languages and speaks Skype chat messages and your Skype contacts status changes, in 10 different Languages.

Supported languages for Skype Chat messages for language translations sent and received in real-time are:

Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, Georgian, German, Greek, Haitian Creole, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Maltese, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Welsh and Yiddish.

Supported languages for speaking both Skype chat messages and Skype contact status changes are:

English, British accent, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

What Does this FREE version of CTSS really do and why do I need it?

Expand, control and customize your Skype experience on a global level.

CTSS has 3 complete and different functions, which can be turned off and on, as needed, that can merge, especially, when you would like not only to learn to read and write a language, but also learn how to speak a language is as well. So there are a total of 4 different functions that CTSS provides.

Your own personal Skype chat message answering machine, with Caller Id.

CTSS allows your Skype chat messages to be spoken, and in many languages, call it Your Caller Id and for Skype chats, so that you can decide if you want to respond to a chat message.

Maybe you are busy and don't have time to look at the chat text, not a problem, that message and what Skype chat it came from and who sent it will now be spoken, you then can decide, if you are busy or near, but not at your computer, if it is important enough to respond. Maybe you want to hear more, before you do?

You can even select what Skype chats messages in what Skype chats are received are spoken. The Caller Id for Skype chats can be used to speak Skype chat messages in TEN different languages. There are also British speaking voices as well.

Your own Skype contact status change announcer.

Maybe you are busy? Maybe you are not at your computer, but near your computer?

Now hear, which of your Skype contacts, has gone offline or come online.

Never miss a Skype contact you have been waiting for, to come online again. Ever.

The Skype Contacts Status Announcer can be used to speak your Skype contact status changes in 10 different languages as well. Also a British accent as well, if you would like.

Your own personal Skype chat message language translator.

Communicate with the ENTIRE global Skype cloud. Not just your local Skype area. Make new friends, on a worldwide basis. Use languages you don't know and also might want to learn as well.

People who use Skype are not only in "Your Back Yard, or in your city or town, or state or province, or just in your country, they are everywhere worldwide. You don't need to travel to meet someone in a far away place, with Skype and CTSS.

Translate Skype chat messages instantly and in real-time, Skype chat messages in 57 different languages can be translated in real-time.

Teach yourself not only how to read and write a new language, but how to speak new languages as well.

By using the Skype test Skype name echo123, you can send chat messages from your Skype name to the echo123 Skype name and use the words and phrases you would like to learn with 57 different languages and hear those translated words spoken in 10 of those 57 different languages as well. also in a British accent as well.

So, now, at your pace you can teach yourself to write, read and speak new languages. Maybe you are going to travel, and need to brush up on a language you may need during your travels?

Maybe you would like to make new friends worldwide on Skype and would not only like to be able to chat with other Skype users globally, but would like to call them, and try to speak a new language with them as well.

The reason why you want to communicate or learn a new language matters little, what matters most is you now can pick and chose what words and phrases you feel you need to use and/or learn and at your speed, not worrying about a class, or instructor or time of day or night to practice or use.

The ENTIRE reason that CTSS was created was to be able to expand your reach into the worldwide Skype cloud, to take you from you current localized Skype experience, to a whole new level. To help you enhance your Skype experience and meet and communicate with people all over the world.

Please click the "Read More" link below to continue reading or to install CTSS.

You will need to install any language component for speaking using CTSS as an Administrative Windows User Id. This is NOT a limitation of CTSS but a mandate of Microsoft Windows. These downloads are from Microsoft.

If you would like to use the speaking capabilities and functions that CTSS offers, and are not currently logged on as a Windows Administrator User Id, Please bookmark this page, or simply remember this web site name of:


and return here to continue.

NOTE: There is no need to do ANY of the steps below IF you are going to install CTSS while logged on as a Windows Administrator User Id. Simply select the language on the "Speak" tab of CTSS and if it is not installed already, click on the words "Click To Install".

CTSS will even prompt you to install Skype if required, if you do not have Skype installed already, opening your default browser to the Skype download page, so that you may install Skype easily and quickly.

So, if you are currently logged on as a Windows Administrator User Id, simply click the link below, otherwise please follow Steps 1, 2 and 3:

Click Here to Bypass All The Steps Below

Step 1. If you would like to use the speaking ability and functions of CTSS please make sure you are logged on as a Windows Administrator User Id and Click this link to install Microsoft SAPI 4.0 choose run or open to install SAPI 4.0 from Microsoft.

Step 2. If you will always run CTSS as a Windows Administrator User Id, you can install ANY of the languages below using CTSS, otherwise if you are currently logged on as a Windows Administrator User Id, you can install any/all languages below, simply select any of the languages below, and click the words "Click Here".

Once these languages are installed, any Windows User Id that you install CTSS for, on your system, can then use these languages, you do NOT need to run CTSS as a Windows Administrator User Id, only to install these files by Microsoft is this required, so that any/all of the Windows users, on your system can use them later, if they choose to install CTSS using their Windows User Id on your same system.

Pick as many of the languages as you would like, below, that you want CTSS to be able to speak, when prompted choose run or open. Install them one at a time.

You can install other languages later if you wish, simply return here by clicking "Help" in the CTSS window or bookmark this page and return.

Note ALL of these files are from Microsoft. Any of these languages can be removed at anytime by using your add/remove program function from your Windows Control Panel.

If you are NOT currently logged on as a Windows Administrator User Id on your computer these languages will NOT install correctly, so please return, if needed when you are logged on as a Windows Administrator User Id. Again, this is NOT a requirement of CTSS, this is a requirement of Microsoft Windows.

If one of the languages you would like CTSS to speak is English Click Here

If you would like CTSS to have the ability to speak with a British accent Click Here

If one of the languages you would like CTSS to speak is Dutch Click Here

If one of the languages you would like CTSS to speak is French Click Here

If one of the languages you would like CTSS to speak is German Click Here

If one of the languages you would like CTSS to speak is Italian Click Here

If one of the languages you would like CTSS to speak is Japanese Click Here

If one of the languages you would like CTSS to speak is Korean Click Here

If one of the languages you would like CTSS to speak is Portuguese Click Here

If one of the languages you would like CTSS to speak is Russian Click Here

If one of the languages you would like CTSS to speak is Spanish Click Here

Step 3. You are now ready to Install CTSS. Again, you can install CTSS as any Windows User Id as you wish, and they all know will have access to the languages you have installed, so there is no need to install CTSS as a Windows Administrator User Id.

Click Here to install CTSS

Now it's time to get under the hood of CTSS and explain all the rich functionality that CTSS has and how it will expand your Skype experience. To do this, we need to look at the picture of the CTSS window below and see the tabs it has.

These tabs define function, there is a Speak, Translate, Help and Settings tab, that when clicked on display information based on the Tab name. So, we will start with the Speak tab.

The Speak tab of CTSS

NOTE: If you are using ANY 4.x or 5.x release, and wish to have any chat, not spoken, you will need to be using what is know as "Compact View". You can change your default view, to compact view, by doing, the following, using the Skype client, main window:

View -> Compact View

The Speak tab of CTSS defines how all the speaking functions are configured, minus if Skype contact status changes are spoken or not, which is located on the Settings tab.

Notice the two items listed in the box, those are Skype chats that are currently opened by you, if you have no Skype chats, currently open, that text box, would be empty. That is ok.

The "Refresh" button allows you to update CTSS with that Skype chats you may have opened since CTSS was started. This is only important, if you wish to not speak messages received for specific chats, you then would uncheck the checkbox for that specific Skype chat and when messages were received for that specific Skype chat, those Skype chat messages would not be spoken by CTSS, the the "Speak All Chats" button is not selected and the checkbox for that chat is unchecked. Then only the chats that have a checkboxed checked will haev messages spoken for those chats when messages are recevied or sent.

In most cases, if you want the speaking of Skype chat messages enabled you would click the "Speak All Chats" button, as is the case in this example. That will make sure that any Skype chat messages received for any Skype chat are spoken.

If you do not want to use the speaking functions of CTSS, or wish to stop the speaking functions of CTSS you can click the "Stop" button.

The pause button, is for when someone needs your attention and you need to pause the speaking of Skype chat messages, messages to be spoken will not be lost, they will be simply queued until you once again, you click the pause button.

If you click the pause button, and are flooded with messages that are being spoken, because they have queued up while speaking was paused, and would like to flush and get rid of those messages, simply click the "Stop" button and then click the "Speak All Chats" button to get rid of any old messages and only speak new messages will now be spoken, and old ones will be removed from the queue.

The language selection, is what language will be used to speak all messages, including Skype chat messages as well as Skype contact status messages, if you enable them to be spoken as well. Select what language you would like CTSS to use when speaking.

Each language has voices, in most cases, there is one female voice and one male voice, for each language. English is the exception. So, once you select what language you wish your messages to be spoken in, you then can select the voice to speak those messages.

Using the slider bars, you can create custom voices, by changing the rate of speed the voices speak words, the volume of the voice can be lowered or raised, without the need to lower or raise your volume control for other sounds on your computer. Pitch can also be changed to alter the voice and customize it, to something you prefer.

If you change any voice setting using the slider bars, words will be spoken so that you can hear and decide if you like those changes, so that you can continue to customize a voice until it is just right for you.

If you click on the language selection, the number of available voices will be spoken, and the defualt voice will be selected for that language, with the default values for that voice. If you click on a voice, the default settings will be restored if you have changed any of the slider bars, any custom settings, that were made using the Slider bars for that voice, will be lost, and must be done again.

All CTSS settings are saved, so that when you run CTSS again, next time, it will keep any changes, such as language selection, voice selection, slider bar custom voice settings. This applies to all CTSS settings, not just speech settings for the Speak tab.

CTSS automatically pauses speaking of any messages, when you are in any type of call on Skype, and when your call completes, CTSS automatically resumes speaking any messages that may have been received while you were in a call. Again, you can click the "Stop" button to flush these messages and then the "Speak All Chats" button, if you would like to continue to have new messages spoken.

The Help link when clicked on the Speak tab , will bring you back to this link.

The Settings tab of CTSS

The "Save Translation Selection" checkbox is so that if you more frequently than not are always using the same language pairs to translate Skype chat messages with, that it saves the step of always needing to pick a language pair from the list, the language pair list is long, and it will be getting longer as more language pairs are added. Because of this, if you use the translation function of CTSS and more frequently than not are using the same language translation pair, the last language translation pair, after checking the "Save Translation Selection" checkbox will automatically be selected to save you the need to select from the language pair list.

The "No History Translation" checkbox is for when you wish to translate messages already in a chat, if this checkbox is not checked, every time you attempt to translate a chat old chat messages will first be attempted to be translated. In many cases, depending on how many hundreds or thousands of messages can be in a old very busy chat, with many people in it, not having this checkbox checked can slow you down, as you first wait for old chat messages to be translated before you enter new chat messages to be translated.

When you have the "No History translation" checkbox checked and there are many Skype chat messages in the chat which is going to be translated, there can be a delay, before the actual CTSS translation window for that chat appears after it has been selected.

That being said, you may wish to return to a chat hours, days, weeks or months later and you may not remember what was being talked about, and that chat might not be in a language you know well, so in those cases, you may wish to return to the settings tab and uncheck this checkbox for those times.

Please remember however, that CTSS saves ALL settings as they are, so, if you leave this checkbox unchecked and stop CTSS, the next time, it will be as it was.

The "Minimize On Startup" checkbox allows CTSS as soon as it starts up, to minimize as an icon, in the system tool bar. Remember, CTSS knows what you want based on your settings it saved from the last time, so if "Speak All Chats" was selected and/or Speak Skype contact status changes was selected, CTSS will do that and out of the way. You can click on the CTSS icon at anytime to view the CTSS tabs.

The "Start Skype" checkbox allows CTSS to start Skype, so, you can simply click on the CTSS icon and not only will that start CTSS it will also launch Skype as well. You could even place a copy of the CTSS shortcut in your Startup folder, and let CTSS start Skype, this way you will be speaking Skype messages as soon as you login to Windows, with Skype started as well.

The "Speak Contact Status" checkbox when checked will speak any contact status change any of your contacts, so if you are busy, and/or near but not at your computer, but waiting to chat or call someone on Skype, you can tell when your Skype contacts are online, away, in do not disturb or just went offline as well.

The Link to SaveOnTelephoneServices.com has links to other FREE software and hints and tricks to help expand your Skype experience as well.

The link for information about Skype services, shows a list of all the possibilities on what Skype services are available in a list, so you can decide if there is any Skype services you could need and learn more about what Skype services are available in your area to determine if maybe you need them.

The click for help link will bring you back to this page here.

The Help tab for CTSS

The "Online Help" button and the link for help both will bring you back to this page.

You also can select a language that the buttons and text for CTSS are displayed in here as well. This will be expanded in the future to support all languages that CTSS supports today and in the future.

The "Enable Silent Mode" button will force Skype to not open any Skype windows, until you click on the Skype icon located in the system tool bar, this can be used for those times, where you are busy and don't want Skype windows opening up. Once you click on the Skype icon after enabling Silent Mode for Skype windows for Skype will now open again, until you again. enable Silent Mode for Skype.

Gamers and those who have a need from time to time to stop Skype windows from opening, may also like this feature as well, since their chat messages, now, can be already spoken, they won't miss anything while they are busy or not at but near their computer.

The Translate tab of CTSS

You must first use the "Refresh" button to see all of your Skype chat history so that you can select what chat you would like to use the translator with. This can take some time, if you have many chats in your chat history, and if you start new chats you can use the "Refresh" button at anytime to find them as well.

Anytime you open a new chat that you would like to translate, simply click the refresh button and that new chat will also be listed so that it can be chosen for translation.

If you have many Skype chats in your Skype chat history, it may take some time for the refresh to complete. There is a progress bad displayed to show the progress of the refresh.

It should be noted, that you can have an unlimited number of CTSS translation windows open at any time, using an unlimited number of different language pairs as well simultaneously.

Simply click on the chat names that you wish to start translating messages for, as you do this, a translation window will open for that chat and that chat will be added to the bottom window as well. So that you know what Skype chats are currently being translated.

The link to SaveOnTelephoneServices.com has other FREE software, lists of Skype services, there costs and more detail about what Skype services are available in your area and some neat tricks on how to expand your Skype experience as well.

The translation windows of CTSS for Skype chats

Notice the translation pair in the example, in this case it is "English To Dutch" the first language of the translation pair is the language that is being used by the Skype chat. In this example, this chat is in English, and there is a person who wishes to enter Dutch and have their Dutch translated to English.

The top window shows the actual Language of the Skype chat, the second window shows the language of the second of the languages in the language pair Dutch. The third window is where you enter text into the chat, in this case as Dutch, which the other person(s) in the chat will see as English.

Nobody in the actual Skype chat needs to use a translator, because they are using English, and nobody, in the chat would know that someone was actually typing Dutch, using the CTSS translator because the Dutch would be translated from Dutch to English before the text was sent into the actual Skype chat.

In fact, there could be people using the CTSS translator, using 57 different languages and this Skype chat, would not know, because their text entered into the CTSS translation window, would appear always in the real Skype chat as English.

Example: If you are someone who does not know French, but would like to have a chat with someone who does speak French, of have a group chat where everyone in that chat is using French, then your language pair for that Chat using the CTSS translation window would be "French to English".

Some people may decide to only wish to see their language when using the CTSS Translation window, to do that, click on the "large" Button, now the CTSS translation window will show this. To show both languages again in the CTSS translation window, simply click the "Small" button.

There is a "Font" button which allows you to change the "Font" of your text as well.

The "Speak" button may be grayed-out, in some cases, because there are only 10 languages spoken by CTSS, currently, but if the "Speak" button is not grayed-out if you click it, the "Speak" button and in this example, the person would hear their Dutch text being spoken in English. So, the person would be learning to read, write and speak English.

You must use the ENTER key to send text in the CTSS translation 3rd window, before the chat message is translated and sent into the real Skype chat.

If the chat is a one-to-one chat the translated text will not show up in the CTSS translation window until the person who will receive the chat is Online and looked at the chat message. If the translated text was sent into a group chat, someone in the group will have needed to look at the translated text, before it appears in the CTSS translated window.

The real Skype chat window, must be minimized or at least not in focus, for the translation of any messages received for the Skype chat that is being translated.

If any of this confuses anyone. Please post questions here. You first must join as a member of this web site to reduce spam.

If anyone has any suggestions for modification to CTSS please send them to TheUberOverLord@yahoo.com

Enjoy, TheUberOverLord AKA Don Kennedy

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