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Make Sure Skype is Running! and that you are logged in with the Skype Name you wish to use this with then you can download and install the SCTE here:

Click Here
But What Can it Do, How Does It Work?

You can transfer ANY inbound Skype call from a Skype name or from your Online Number(s) to another Skype name or telephone number.

If you are going to transfer a call to a telephone number and that telephone number is covered by a subscription you have, it will be at no cost, otherwise it will be at normal Skype rates and also it will include a connect fee.

NOTE: Be very careful if you are going to transfer a call to a telephone number that will use your subscription. If you have an unlimited subscription, because if the transferred call becomes a long one, it could cause you to go over your daily subscription limits.

Even the subscription monitor below will not be able to stop that because once you transfer a call you have no ability to end it, so if it goes on for hours that could cause a subscription daily limit violation of the 360 minute daily limit maximum for unlimited subscriptions only.

If you would also like a FREE subscription monitor that will monitor your subscription usage in real-time please click here as well:

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If you are going to transfer a call to a Skype name, it will be at no cost.

This example Call Transfer Program will route any failed Call Transfers to your Skype Voicemail, if you have Skype Voicemail automatically.

For people that run a business and use Skype for communications internally, or people who have Skype call Links to their Skype names on web pages for example, this can be a very handy program, and it's FREE!

Outside callers might have clicked on a link on a web page to call their business Skype names, calls can be routed to one Skype name using this example, and then a person, or multiple persons, logged on as that Skype Name, using this Call Transfer Example program can transfer these inbound calls to the proper department in that company.

How Easy is it really to use this for Call Routing in a Company?

Very Easy, a Business can create Custom Groups on Skype, and add Skype names, or SkypeOut phone numers in each custom group, Say you create a group for Sales, Customer Support, Billing. All these calls can come into the same Skype Name, which mutiple people can be logged on as, and mutiple people can use this Call Transfer example program, by simply clicking on the Custom Group Name, and selecting a Skype Name from that Group and then Click the Transfer Button. Of course there are many additional features as well as automatic transfers.

Could You Please Explain all the Features of This?

Sure let's start from the Top Down:

Active Inbound Call Window:

This window displays ALL Inbound calls to a Skype name, even calls from phones to your SkypeIn telephone number, of course at this time, you can't transfer those, but using this program, you can still answer any inbound calls including these calls.

You can also place any inbound call on hold, resume calls, and end any inbound calls from this program.

If there are multiple inbound calls in progress you need to select which call in this window you are going to take an action on. If a inbound call in this window can be transferred, then the Transfer Button will be available, if the call selected cannot be transferred, then the Transfer Button will not be available when that call is seleted from this window.

Last Call Status Window

This window displays the last call status of any inbound call received, it is important to not that this Call Transfer Example program, does NOT show any information abotu outbound calls at this time.

Groups Window

This window can show ALL groups defined for the Skype name in question, There are many Hardwired Groups, which normally do not show on the Skype Client. This Window can display all Groups including Custom Groups. Some Groups maybe empty, however, that could change as Skype users, go offline and online.

It also should be noted, that there is no automatic refresh for if a user goes offline for example, at the moment, so you can click on a group name to refresh the current online contacts in that group as often as you wish. This will provide a fresh view of what contacts are online since you selected the current group you are looking at.

Show All Hardwired Groups Check Box This checkbox allows you to toggle at any time from important Skype Groups you may need to do transfers including your Custom Groups to All Groups. In many cases, you may need only a limited amount of Skype Groups and Your Custom Groups, but in some cases, if you are using this for business for example, you may need from time to time an ability to transfer to any an all Skype contacts. You can toggle this checkbox to see how it funtions.

Auto Transfer Check Box This checkbox when checked, will disable the transfer button, and automatically, transfer any Skype to Skype call to the Skype Name or Phone Number selected in the Select from Avaliable Contacts window, that is currently selected or if any Skype Name or Phone Number is currently present in the Or Enter One Skpe Name or Phone # window, that will override the current selected item in the Select from Avaliable Contacts window.

So, it is important to CLEAR the Or Enter One Skpe Name or Phone # window of any text if you wish too use the Select from Avaliable Contacts window item that is currenly selected.

Enable Silent Mode Check Box Many people do not know about this feature, it is not availabe in the Skype Client options, currently, and is only available programatically. What it basically does it put ALL Skype Windows to Sleep, until you click the Skype Icon and wake the Skype Client up again. This is a very handy feature, if you are using this program to manually answer Skype inbound calls, and wish to not have windows open up for each call as you are doing so. This allows you to control answering Skype inbound calls using this program only. Currently there is a slight delay when this box is checked, this is a known problem, and Skype is working to resolve this. Again, once Silent Mode is invoked, you can wake up the Skype Client window at anytime by simply clicking on the Skype Icon in your system toolbar.

Select From Available Contacts Window This window ONLY displays Skype users that are Online, or SkypeOut numbers you have in your contacts. There is a good reason for this, odds are pretty good, you don't want to tranfer a call to the Marketing Custom group you created, if the person is NOT Online, so this is an easy way to see who in what groups are currently available, but also includes any SkypeOut phone numbers you have for any group as well.

In the event you do still wish to transfer a call to someone not online, or even a phone number not currently in your contact list, simply enter that Skype Name or Phone number in the Or Enter One Skype Name or Phone # window, and click the transfer button for that call, you can also do this with the Auto transfer feature as well.

Show Handle Check Box As most Skype users know, sometimes it can be hard to determine whom is whom, in your contact list, a great example is when you add a Phone Number and assign a name, you might forget where that number is located, also so Skype Users display names are far from what their real Skype user name is, so this checkbox can be used at anytime to toggle contact names in the group currently listed to see Skype Phone Numbers and Skype User handles when needed.

Save Settings Check Box This is a very handy feature if you are always using this program to transfer to the same Skype Name or Phone Number, this way everytime you start this program it remembers what you did last time.

It is very important to note again, that IF there is text for a Skype Name or Number in the Or Skype Name(s) or Phone #(s) With Comma, that overrides any current Skype Name or SkypeOut phone number currently selected in the Select From Available Contacts Window. If the Or Skype Name(s) or Phone #(s) With Comma area is empty when you have Save Settings checked, the current Skype Name of SkypeOut Phone Number selected in the From Available Contacts Window will be saved and placed in the Or Enter One Skype Name or Phone Number window when the program is restarted.

Current Options saved when the Save Settings checkbox is checked are:

Show All Hardwired Groups Auto Transfer Enable Silent Mode Show Handle Save Settings Current Selected Contact Or Text from the Or Enter One Skype Name or Phone Number Window.

Or Skype Name(s) or Phone #(s) With Comma

Any combination of one or more Skype Name(s) or phone number(s) separated with commas will override any current Skype Name or Skype Number currently selected in the Select From Available Contacts Window. If you use mutiple entries here then the first one to answer the transferred call will get it.

Phone numbers in this window should start with a +followed by country code, area code, and number.

If you are confused about phone number format in this window, and you already have some SkypeOut Numbers in your contact list, simply select the SkypeOut Groups from the Groupm window, which you can see if the Show Hardwired Groups checkbox is checked, and also check the Show Handle checkbox, this will show you are phone numbers should be formatted in this window.

In the U.S., one example would be +13125551212 as a valid formatted phone number.

Transfer Button This button will only be available when you have a inbound call selected from the Active Inbound Calls window that can be transferred. When manually transferring calls, unlike whe the program does the transfer of calls automatically, if a call fails, due to say for example of trying to transfer the Skype Name caller to a phone number, and it fails because they have no credit to make this call, the call is returned and you are allowed to answer it.

If you have Skype Voice Mail and the Auto Transfer checkbox is check, then the call will automatically be routed to Voicemail.

Copyright Link This link will bring you back to this page, so if there are any new version you can update your current version. You can also leave comments on this page as well, if you are a registered user of this site.

The Copyright Link This links allows you to register for addtional Skype services, once you start to see how well this program works, you may wish to purchase addtional Skype services.

Work In Progrss As you can see this Call Transfer Example for Skype program can be very useful, for both individuals and companies, the important point is, transferred calls are NO cost to the user of this program, if the telephone number(s) the call is transferrred to is normally covered by a subscription or the call is being transferred to Skype name(s)..

An Easy Way to play with this if you only have one computer, is to enter echo123 in the Or Enter One Skype Name or Number window, then check the Auto Transfer checkbox. Do a Switch Users to another Windows User, and logon Skype as another Skype Name, then call the Skype Name that is running the Call Transfer Program and you will notice, you get echo123 when You call that name, not the Skype user you called. You can do this without having any Skype Credits.

If you have Skype credits or are on a Skype plan, make sure you use that Skype Name to call the other Skype Name and try setting the Or Enter One Skype Name or Number window to say your cell phone, or another phone. You can see that your call is in fact transferred to the phone number in question.

Please feel free to comment here as well if needed.

This work is copyrighted, feel free to play with it and learn, but don't use it for profit, make your own version to do that.

If you are in need of a custom version of this for your personal use, or business use, please feel free to contact me:

Enjoy TheUberOverLord

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